PGD - The Newest Art!

PGD - preimplantation genetic diagnosis is the newest development in ART for the first time in India. We are one of the few clinics which offers this service in India, and have achieved India's first pregnancy after PGD.
PGD, or preimplantation genetic diagnosis, is a new technique, which marries the recent spectacular advances in molecular genetics and assisted reproductive technology (ART).

PGD - IVF Treatment in IndiaPreimplantation genetic diagnosis enables physicians to identify genetic diseases in the embryo, prior to implantation, before the pregnancy is established. PGD was developed for patients who were at risk of having children with serious genetic disorders, such as hemophilia, which often discouraged them having their own biological children.

PGD thus eliminates the need for possible pregnancy termination after prenatal diagnosis of a fetus with hemophilia.

How is PGD performed ?

In order to perform PGD , we have to do IVF ( in vitro fertilisation). In an IVF cycle, treatment starts from Day 1 of the cycle ( the day the bleeding starts). We superovulate you in order to help you grow many eggs, and this is done by giving you daily injections of HMG. Once the eggs are mature , as determined by ultrasound scans, ( this usually takes about 12-14 days ) we retrieve the eggs. This is done through vaginal ultrasound guidance, and no surgery is required. The eggs are then fertilised, and on Day 3, the embryos are biopsied to determine their genotype. Only the normal embryos are then transferred into the uterus, which means that if you conceive you are sure that your baby will be normal !

The babies born after PGD are completely normal; and IVF treatment is extremely safe today. The hormonal injections required to make you grow many eggs will not make you fat , and neither will they affect your future fertility ! In fact, the major risk of doing PGD today is that even after spending all the money ( and treatment can be expensive !), there is no certainty that a pregnancy will result. This is because while we can make embryos efficiently in the IVF lab , and determine their genotype accurately in the FISH lab, we still cannot ensure that the embryos will implant successfully after transferring them into the uterus.

The pregnancy rate in our clinic after performing PGD for women who are less than 35 years of age, in whom we have transferred 3 embryos , is 40%


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