Spa is a small town in the Europian national of Belgium.Spa is generally seen in context with health and medical treatments that are applied for rejuvenating one's mind ,body and soul.

Spa is a unit to boost the overall well being through a variety of professional services that promote the restoration of mind,body and soul. India, the Spa capital of the modern world has combined health and beauty.As a result,spa holidays have become popular in India nowaday.In India there are several popular spa resorts promoting Spa tourism in India The Ananda is Himalayan Spa resort. It is one of the most well known spas in India that offers therapeutic treatments based on traditional Ayurveda,Yoga & Meditation.

A growing number of hotels, spas and hospitals are luring travelers to some not often visited corners of India for a soothing and sometimes life changing regimen of massage, meditation, herbal therapy and yoga. It's all based on the teachings of the ancient sages who invented ayurvedic medicine three millenniums in the past.

India's southernmost states, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, have particularly embraced the spa industry's hottest new phenomenon. In these areas -- where ayurveda is the main form of medical treatment -- hotels, resorts and hospitals offer packages ranging from a weekend to a month designed to introduce Americans, Europeans and East Asians to ancient Indian massage, medication and yoga.

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"Mr. Murrey from Scotland Visited India for his treatment of Vasectomy Reversal on 10th December 07.

" We are very thankful to WMT for their service & involvement with us. They have a way of making you feel special, safe and worry free....Hasina Khalida Zia (Infertility), Dubai