Selection of the Best IVF Doctor / IVF Centre ?

Thorough research has to be done before deciding on a fertility clinic as this can have a profound impact on the outcome . Unfortunately, many patients don’t know how to go about it & therefore end up getting sub-optimal treatment.

You need to have a plan of how to go about finding the right IVF doctor for yourself. Step number one is to start by preparing a short-list of possible candidates. You can phone or email the IVF doctors on your list. You can learn a good deal about the doctor and his practice, even before you actually meet him, by merely telephoning and asking the right questions.

The next important thing is the setting in which the doctor functions . Is the clinic located in a decent building? Is public access easy? Has the doctor bothered to provide the basic amenities you need (e.g., drinking water, comfortable seating)? What kind of reading material is kept in the waiting area? Is the office staff helpful? How do they answer the telephone? How do they treat other patients? A lot can be known about a doctor through the quality of their employees.

While selecting a suitable doctor can be difficult, try to find answers to the following questions :

  • Does he talk to you? Take time to listen to what you have to say?
  • Credentials - training and qualifications.
  • Does he prepare for your appointment?
  • Skill and experience.
  • Personality and style.
  • Accessibility (locations; clinic timings).
  • Affordability (fees).
  • Keeps appointments and values your time?
  • Manage an efficient clinic?
  • Review your status and progress periodically?

Most gynecologists can provide basic infertility workup and testing - but many gynecologists are not really geared up to providing the care which an infertile couple needs.

Take a second opinion

Get a second opinion - this can never hurt and is always helpful. Ask questions of both of them and then choose the method which appeals to you - it's finally your decision!

Remember that you need to ask questions to get answers - your doctor cannot read your mind! But also remember that your doctor does not have all the answers - after all, medicine is still an imperfect science, and your doctor is not a fortune-teller. If he does not know the answer, he should tell you this as well.

How do we do a consultation in our practice? We first ask the couple why they think they have not been able to conceive, and how they expect us to be able to help them. The answers give us a good idea of how much the couple understands about their problem. It’s often heartbreaking when we see couples who have been through 3 IVF cycles, and don’t even know how many eggs they grew or how many embryos were transferred each time – or even why the IVF was done in the first place. During a consultation, we first `explain, using models, how babies are made. We then review the medical records, and explain to the patient what we feel their medical problem is. We then explain to them what the treatment options are, and tell them to think about these and then make up their mind. In our clinic, we do not charge for a repeat consultation, in order to encourage patients to ask questions, and to give them time to make up their own mind. We take pride in the fact that our patients have a good understanding of their medical problem, and realistic expectations of how we can help them!

It’s very difficult to think straight when you are sitting in front of the doctor, so it’s usually a good idea to give yourself enough time to apply your mind and assimilate the information, before making a decision. There is usually no urgency, since infertility treatment is never an emergency. Beware of a doctor who wants you to decide on the spot – it’s hard to do so under pressure, and you may end up making a decision in haste, which you may then repent at leisure.


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