Our  Healthcare Team has developed an extensive healthcare network which includes the best corporate hospitals of India that provide world renowed doctors & highly advanced medical facilities at fraction of the cost.

For us, health of each individual is important because we believe that “Health of an Individual is Health of the Universe.”     

Our Healthcare Team takes care of the following responsibilities:

  • Suggesting approximate time & cost of treatment on the basis of diagnosis, test reports & recommendations of your local Physician
  • Facilitating conference calls with Doctors before coming
  • Ensuring that all pre-medical journey tasks are taken care of prior to arrival
  • Suggesting the finest medical facilities
  • Working individually with each client to put together a world-class medical / healthcare package
  • Maintaining contact with the clients 24-7 to address any questions or concerns
  • Be present at the initial examination(s), during the actual procedure & through the post-procedure recuperation period. 

Doctors,  Nurses  & Pharmacists

At WMT we believe that every client should have 24 hour access to medical personnel for consultation purposes. Thus, WMT has assembled a staff of doctors, nurses & pharmacists for all medical consultation and client inquiries.

Our Staff of Doctors, Nurses & Pharmacists serve our clients by:

    • Providing answers to questions regarding the clients procedure in a timely fashion
    • Addressing client concerns and issues
    • Providing pre-operative nutrition/diet schedules and recommendations
    • Providing post-operative recuperative recommendations and suggestions
    • Sending client all relevant documentation and literature on the procedures they are considering
    • Corresponding with Doctors and Surgeons in destination hospital to ensure that proper treatment is given 

    The following is the list of some of the medical/healthcare treatments that we offer:

    • Medical Treatments
    • Heart care/ Surgery
    • Orthopedic/Knee surgery
    • Spine Care Surgery-Obesity/Bariatric Surgery
    • Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
    • Breast Enlargement/Reduction
    • Reconstructive Surgery
    • Dentistry
    • Organ Transplant
    • Neurological Treatment
    • Oncology Treatment
    • Infertility/IVF
    • Laparoscopic Surgery
    • Radiology/CT Scans
    • Sports Medicine
    • Stem Cell Therapy
    • Eye/ Lasic care
    • General Medicine/ Surgery
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"Mr. Murrey from Scotland Visited India for his treatment of Vasectomy Reversal on 10th December 07.

" We are very thankful to WMT for their service & involvement with us. They have a way of making you feel special, safe and worry free....Hasina Khalida Zia (Infertility), Dubai