What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism (also called Health Tourism/Medical Travel) can be defined as traveling to a foreign country for a medical/surgical treatment. Medical Tourism involves cost effective private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry. Medical Tourism involves vacationing, leisure & relaxation along with world class medical treatment  & wellness programs at fraction of the cost.
Medical tourism is quickly becoming one of the world's fastest growing industries—growing approximately 30% a year. Healthcare analysts are currently forecasting it to become a 4 billion dollar industry within the next few years. Medical Tourism countries like India, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico and Singapore, just to name a few, are at the forefront of this industry with more than 1.3 million tourists per year seeking low-cost, high quality medical care abroad. This rapidly growing medical tourism industry has been the focus of many recent in-depth reports, including an article in Time Magazine, CNN, AARP and 60-Minutes.
Some of the factors that have led to the rapid rise in the popularity of Medical Tourism are as follows :

  1. Exorbitant cost of healthcare facilities in developed countries
  2. Long waiting periods
  3. Lack of advanced medical facilities in underdeveloped & some developing countries,e.g. Middle East, Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, etc
  4. Easy & affordable international travel
  5. Many countries having vast English-speaking population & easy foreign exchange facilities due to globalization

Some of the evident advantages for Medical Tourism in countries like India, Thailand, Mexico & Costa Rica are:

  • World class standards of medical care at 5-10 times less cost as compared to developed countries
  • No waiting time
  • Cost effective vacationing at breathtaking locales


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