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Why should you select Wyzax Medical Tourism ?

Our Motto: ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’ (Sanskrit) – Guest is God

I     Introduction

Wyzax Medical Tourism (WMT) is pioneer in the field of ‘Medical & Wellness Tourism’ in India.
Our team comprises of highly skilled & qualified professionals with extensive global experience & expertise in their respective fields of healthcare, wellness & tourism. Our team includes healthcare & wellness experts, doctors, nurses,  pharmacists, & vacation planners who work 24*7 to make you feel, that for us, ‘Guest is God’.

Our healthcare network includes state-of-the-art hospitals & world renowed doctors whose primary objective is to provide you with world class medical facilities at fraction of the cost. It is also our endeavour to provide you with an opportunity to explore the natural beauty, rich cultural heritage & alternate wellness therapies of our 5000 year old civilization.

However, since   Medical Tourism is not yet an organized sector, therefore, in the absence of a credible intermediate (healthcare  facilitator) like us, sometimes the foreign nationals get cheated with respect to the quality & cost of treatments.  As the table below shows, the foreigners end up paying 30% to 80% more if they visit some of the hospitals  directly or through non–professionals.

Comparative Cost – Indian V/s Foreign Patients

Procedure Indian                       Patient (Rs/$)                        Foreign Patient ($)
Heart Surgery                             Rs. 2,90,000 ($6170)                  $ 9,300
Knee                                            Rs. 2,95,000 ($6276)                  $ 9,700

However, if the foreigners come through us, we not only ensure their complete treatment, but also ensure that they are charged similar to the Indian patients.

Moreover, we can also help our foreigner friends in the issue & extension of M-Visa (Medical Visas) & Tourism Visas.

It is also our endeavour to provide you with an opportunity to explore the natural beauty & the rich cultural heritage of our 5000 year old civilization.


Our Mission

To Provide Holistic Wellness with a Human Touch

Our Vision

 ‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’ (Sanskrit)- The Entire World is our Family

Our vision is to make India the most preferred Medical Tourism destination, by welcoming with open arms, all our friends from around the world who aspire to achieve holistic wellness. Thus, we strive to provide physical, mental & spiritual health in a holistic way, with a human touch.

Our Objective

Our main objective is to provide ‘home away from home’ to all those who :

  • Are looking for advanced treatment options at fraction of the cost (as compared to other developed countries)
  • Want to explore our country & its traditional (alternative) wellness therapy systems
  • Do not have the advanced medicare facilities in their respective countries


II  Our Strengths

Wyzax believes that “Health of an Individual is Health of the Universe.”  We further believe that every sincere effort  to impart wellness to any individual is reciprocated  through divine blessings. These blessings have substantially contributed to our growth, prosperity & success.


Our differentiating advantages include:

1. World Class Medical Care at 5-10 times less cost

Our healthcare network includes the best corporate hospitals of India that provide world renowed doctors & highly advanced medical facilities at fraction of the cost (as compared to other developed countries).

Internationally Certified Hospitals

Our network includes hospitals that have been certified by top world benchmarks in healthcare- JCI, NABH and ISO. Eg.– Apollo, Fortis, Max, Artemis, Medanta (Medicity), Primus, Moolchand, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute(RGCI), Gangaram, Columbia-Asia, VIMHANS, Dharamshila, Batra, Balaji, etc.

Board Certified Doctors

Our board stringently evaluates doctors & selects only those as part of our elite Medical Tourism networkwho can match the best in the world in terms of expertise, skill & experience.

2. Highly Individualistic & Customized Personal Care from Arrival to Departure

  1. Our Pledge- “To be there… With you….For you…24*7”
  2. Dedicated Team comprising of highly skilled & qualified professionals whose sole aim is to provide you holistic wellness
    • Fully dedicated Case Manager/ Guest Relations Manager for each guest
    • Special PR(Public Relations) Team
    • Esteemed panel comprising of doctors, pharmacists, healthcare experts, tourism experts & vacation planners
  3. Elite Tourism Network -

    Our tourism network includes all leading domestic & international airlines,  hotels, resorts & tour operators worldwide. Our endeavour is to provide complete travel solutions at cost-effective prices for domestic & international tours. Our IATA, Galileo & Amadeus tie-ups enable us to provide most economical air travel rates worldwide.

  4. One Stop Shop’ for all your medical & travel requirements
  5.  We forego our Management fee if the guest is not fully satisfied with our services

… Holistic Wellness with a Human Touch

3. Services

WMT- ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your Medical & Travel  Requirements

WMT has separate Healthcare(Medical), Wellness & Travel teams which comprehensively offer the entire range of following services:

Medical Treatments     

  • X-Rays/ Scans/MRIs
  • Heart care/ Surgery
  • Orthopedic/ Knee surgery
  • Spine Care Surgery
  • Obesity/ Bariatric Surgery
  • Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
  • Breast Enlargement/Reduction
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Organ Transplant
  • Neurological Treatment
  • Oncology Treatment
  • Rejuvenation
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Radiology/CT Scans
  • Sports Medicine
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Eye/ Lasic care
  • Psychiatry 
  • General Medicine/ Surgery 


  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Accupuncture
  • Pranik Healing
  • Ayurveda
  • Holistic Healing
  • Homeopathy Treatment
  • Natural Therapies(Naturopathy)
  • Herbal Treatment 
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Anti-Aging
  • Medical Spa Treatment
  • Detox
  • Executive Health-check
  • Infertility/IVF
  • Rehabilitation
  • Skin Care
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Bio-Wave Therapy (BWT)

Travel Services

  • Stay in hotels or independent luxury apartments as per budget
  • Medical VISA assistance for patients & companions
  • Foreign exchange conversion at doorstep
  • Prepaid cell phones
  • Data cards for laptops
  • Pick & Drop from airport
  • Airport assistance
  • Railway tickets for domestic travel
  • Car Rental services
  • Flight charter for Medical & Tourism purposes
  • Cashless Insurance benefits in selective cases
  • Daily medical updates through E-mails to the patient’s family
  • Culture & custom orientation
  • Bilingual interpretation (translation)
  • Catering to Emergency needs (Medical & Travel)
  • Information on VISA extension, sight-seeing, tipping, shopping, dining, etc.


Our Pledge- ‘To be there… With you…For you…24*7’





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> Foreign exchange
> Prepaid cell phones
> Data cards
> Pick & Drop from airport
> Airport assistance
> Car Rental services
> Bilingual interpretation
> and many more

"Mr. Murrey from Scotland Visited India for his treatment of Vasectomy Reversal on 10th December 07.

" We are very thankful to WMT for their service & involvement with us. They have a way of making you feel special, safe and worry free....Hasina Khalida Zia (Infertility), Dubai